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A Poet's Past Lives by Carl Nelson

This first book of poems by Carl Nelson delights in verbal play, rumination, assonance and dissonance, silliness and sadness, the comedy/drama of small event,the inspired flight of a thought, and ranges over topics of all sorts from Dumbo to Oscar Wilde. .  What's a heaven for if not a place to fly your poems. 

Proof of My Existence by Nellie Hufford  Poetry of a woman's life lived in rural Appalachia on the Ohio River. Deftly written characters and piquant stories will engage you.

I'm Forgetting Things in My Dreams by Carl Nelson  Poems taken from a current life of moseying around a small Ohio river town.​

Shoving My Way Into the Conversation by Carl Nelson

Poems that push the contrary.  Poems that vent.  Poems that stick their tongue out and don't wash their hands.  Poems that are critical.  Poems that eulogize Bukowski. Poems that embrace unpopular topics and thoughts.  Poems that embrace religion and bourgeoisie life and still enjoy small birds, kids and dogs.