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Murders in Progress by Eldon Cene

The first in a three part trilogy.  Someone is murdering people out along Route 20 in Kimmel County and in a particularly grisly manner.  Kimmel County's only lawman, Sheriff Leland Kelly must become very resourceful in his use of the area's local citizenry to track the killer down.  Especially when it appears there is more to this than one lone psychopath's morbid quest. 

The Eclipse of the Zon / Rising Dark by RM Burgess

(Book 3 in the New Eartha Chronicles Series)

One by one, the powers of New Eartha are co-opted by the Dark, and its spreading tentacles appear irresistible.

The Empire of the Zon by RM Burgess

(Book 1 in the New Eartha Chronicles Series)

In the coming centuries, men become increasingly irrelevant as the Earth’s biosphere collapses, leading to the rise of the Zon Sisterhood. Emigrating from their failing world, they land on an Earth-like planet and conquer the technologically backward natives that they contemptuously call ‘barbarians’. The action never flags as we plunge into the world of the womanly Zon and their rebellious barbarian subjects.  Riven with battles over power, culture, gender and will, the Zon happen on the inklings of a far greater threat.

Personal Growth Through Copier Sales a play by Carl Nelson

Harry Coombs, sixty, and the top copier salesman in his metropolitan area, has suffered a right side stroke.  In order to hang onto his job in a rough, competitive business, he hires Claude Gustafson, airy poet, and son of an old war buddy to assist him.  Harry is forced into the role of mentor and Claude is forced more and more into the full-time role of copier salesman as both struggle to keep their livelihoods, and lives, on track.

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The Eclipse of the Zon / First Tremors  by RM Burgess 

(Book 2 in the New Eartha Chronicles Series)

Princess Caitlin d’Orr, scion of the oldest House in the Sisterhood, is disgraced and in exile in barbarian lands. Separated from her daughter Lady Asgara, as well as her love, Greghar, she seeks only forgetfulness. But the immortal Malitha channels the Dark and finds willing adherents.  As the Dark catches Caitlin, Greghar and Asgara in its tentacles, fear spreads throughout the One Land. 

Ollie's Day Out a play by Carl Nelson

Ollie, 84, awakes one day to find his shoes wrapped and waiting under the Christmas Tree.  Taking this as a suggestion, Ollie leaves his assisted care facility for Fitzgerald's, an upscale hotel bar, where he immediately takes a shine to Nikki, who is waiting there for her boyfriend, Paul, to show.  Nikki lets it drop that she is pregnant.  Ollie offers to marry her.  When Paul arrives, Ollie's wit and ardor battle with Paul's youthful arrogance for the heart of Nikki.

The Mind Wars  (Volume 3) by Eldon Cene

Part Three of "Murders in Progress" trilogy is still coming in over the transom.  Wherever Eldon is keeping himself, he continues writing.  We're hoping for a Christmas release.

Into the Wild Blue Yonder a play by Carl Nelson

(In comic pursuit of a red dress!)

Bert and Claude had planned an 85th birthday party for their man-crazed mother, Bernice.  But Bernice supplies the surprise by bringing Herb Bottleman, a womanizer she picked up at the airport.  And when Herb ends up preferring Bert's trophy wife Jackie to Bernice, events quickly spiral out of control.

Magic Bean Books

The Cognitive Web (Volume 2) by Eldon Cene

Part Two of the "Murders in Progress" trilogy. The mystery broadens as dark government entities emerge whom Sheriff Leland must survive for the safety of his town.