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Providing readers with the books to improve their literary harvest.

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Our goal is to minimize confusion while maximizing the wattage of common and uncommon words and phrases, affections and connections. Read healthy alternatives to political correctness. 




Need help growing an audience? You can read and rent our professionally written plays to plant the seeds.. 




Why look at just the leading edge of Contemporary Thought, when you can examine all the Edges.  Who knows when the loser will be the winner and the first be last?




Murders involving the unseen hand of higher level puppeteers can get quite grisly in this rural fiction.

Growing, protecting, and harvesting great thoughts requires good reading. At Magic Bean Books and Readings in Belpre, we help readers find what they'll need to nourish their original ideas.


Magic Bean Books’s writers have all "traveled widely in Concord". And with our books, you can too.